Finding Freedom by Allowing Pain 🎶

Releasing music in 2024 is soooooo different now. Back in the day, your analytics were "albums sold." Well, that and how many CDs you have left in your garage. 💽

Today, I can not only see that “I Want to Marry You” has been streamed over 30,000 times across platforms and that “Magic Kiss” is trending well, but listener’s age brackets, gender, location, and what you were eating when listening! 🍰🧁👀

While it’s fun to learn about the unfolding audience, I’d much prefer that tracking wasn’t so invasive. But 2024 it is, and the best thing I can say is that you might want to lay off the cake and ice cream. 😁  

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Grief is a process that we all share, though even with love and support around us, we ultimately have to deal with it alone. 💔

Following Simone’s passing, I allowed all the pain. That was our commitment to each other and my promise to her. To feel. To let the pain move through. To not hold onto it. We knew the pain would be profound, but we didn’t want me to suffer unnecessarily. (Avoiding pain causes great suffering, and not just for ourselves.)

As intense waves of sadness would roll toward me — regardless of where I was or who I was with — I would open my entire being to it so it could move through.

I remember sobbing at the ocean, then laughing about my tears contributing to rising sea levels. (I could laugh only because I was truly releasing the pain.)

I see this pain as a reflection of how much love there was. Is. Not just for Simone and I as some “special” couple. I mean for all of us who experience such losses.

Of course, we need not wait for those we love and adore to die in order to honor and cherish that love. Let’s celebrate that love with those in our lives. Now. Ever now.

Sweet being, thanks for listening to the album. Here’s a link to the new "Still in Shock" animated music video!

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