I Won the Lottery!!! 🥰

Previously, on Bodhiflix: She took me to the stars, had a kind heart and sweet soul, I proposed early on and we married (12 years later 😁). 

We found out that my magic kiss wasn't all that and it drove me to question how wise I actually was. I eventually realized I had some degree of shock but relaxed into the reality that she was always alive inside of me and that I'm forever grateful.

Not sure how or why I was so blessed to have 27 years with Simone, but it was a good run! Karma? Soul path? Dumb luck? Whatever it was, I Struck Gold AND won the lottery, and the winnings were far greater than I had ever imagined.

I know how true love can feel
You gotta' risk it all and let your heart be real
That's the magic of how love can heal
Life can be tender

I know how good love can be
With her I struck gold and won the lottery
The best time I had all eternity
Our stars aligned
It was Divine

By the time I wrote this song, around a year after her passing, I felt sufficiently healed to fully celebrate the life she and I had together. I began to focus on co-creating life anew — traveling to Europe to do events, recording two albums, and so much more.

This is what Simone wanted for me. To set me free to flourish. Though not the gift I had wished for, it was the one she was able to give.

I receive it with a commitment to live fully…

If you haven't yet streamed “Struck Gold,” here's a link to all of the streaming services.

Peace and Harmony!

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