So Much Gratitude for These Artists! 🎵

Fuh-finally! With the “Magic Kiss” album's release (which you REALLY want to listen to straight through,) I'd like to thank the many great artists who lent their creative talent to the project. A brief thanks here, then more in later posts. And do check out their work through the links below.

First… Simone, my muse. Kinda liked her. If it wasn't a legal hassle, I'd give her co-writing © credits! 🥰

Bruce Burger/RebbeSoul: Dear friend. Amazing talent. Internationally renowned guitarist/producer. We produced the album together, and the vast majority of the great acoustic and electric guitar work on the album is his. 🎸🎧

David Randle: The album was originally going to be an acoustic album. David recorded the initial beautiful acoustic guitar tracks at my studio. You'll hear his artistry on Take Me to the Star and four other songs. 🎸

Darwin Johnson: Just love Darwin's bass playing... heart and soul in every note. Darwin's toured with so many huge acts, like Ben Harper, Adam Lambert, Colbie Caillat. Did background vocals on the song, “Magic Kiss”, too! 🎸🎤

                                                   MB, Darwin, Bodhi, Bruce

MB Gordy: Grammy winner and one of the preeminent drummers in the biz. So many credits, like John Legend & Common, Beck, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Neil Diamond, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, The Doobie Brothers, Guns and Roses. Oh, and Bodhi Jeffreys! 🥁

Tehila Havaiia: Voice of an angel. Did background vocals on almost every song. Gave her the freedom to arrange her parts and wow, did she create magic. Was so fun adding my background vocals around hers. 🎤

Steve Carter: Bruce and I drove up to the Bay Area just to record Steve's piano and keyboard tracks. So tasteful with just the right balance of filling in the holes and hitting memorable notes that shine through. 🎹

Christy Crowl: 8,000 live concerts, hundreds of film/TV placements, musical director/keyboardist for Mannheim Steamroller… so lucky to have her come in to do background vocals on the song, “Magic Kiss!” 🎤

At right: Bodhi, Christy, Keith, and Darwin

Keith Lynch: Keith has played guitar with Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Bruce (Cream), and plays guitar for Bill Ward (original Black Sabbath drummer.) He engineered and played the sweet guitar lick in the Magic Kiss chorus, recorded my lead vocal for “I Want to Marry You”, and then joined me for that tune's background vocals. 📀 🎸🎤

Jeffrey Carruthers: Hundreds of producer, composer, arranger, mixer, and musician gold and platinum credits. And that he mixed the album is proof that he has the patience of a saint. Saint Jeffrey also creates extraordinary virtual instruments that are widely used in the industry. The album sounds so good because of his mixing! 💿 🎧

Lucas Fehring: A Grammy winner, Lucas recorded all of the bass and drum tracks at MB's studio up in The Valley. 📀

Paul Abbott: At Zen Mastering, the final glue and shine were added, thanks to Paul's incredible ears and studio. 🎧

Luiza Bonetti: Luiza conceptualized and created the art for the album cover and each song. She then created the wispy animated symbols for each song. So spot on and perfect for the album. 🎨

Andrey Gordon: Andrey is an amazing artist, designer, animator, television writer and producer and so much more. He animated the Bodhi logo, then took Luiza's designs and created all of the lyric videos, credit screens, and thumbnails. 🎬

So. Much. Gratitude!



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