The Power of Love

Starting with “Magic Kiss”, the last 6 songs on the album were written over 4 days whilst locked in a hotel room in Fuengirola (the south coast of Spain). Overlooking the Alboran Sea, I wrote all day and night, taking breaks only to walk along the sand and have a few meals. 

The songs weren't written for an album. They were simply part of my ongoing process of dealing with losing Simone, a process of healing. 

This song expresses how devastating it was to have to watch her life force slip away.

The sense of helplessness I felt. The wish that I could magically heal her. The fantasy that she could once again laugh and dance and sing and play and create. The desperate hope for her to be free of the immense pain she experienced during the 23 hours she was awake each day. 

Simone was amazing through it all — impossibly so — working on her dialogues with the great consciousness teachers of the day to bring Conscious Activism to the world. She refused to relent, right up until the end, and I did my best to hold her through it all. 

But at some point all bodies will yield, as did hers. And this song stands as witness.

Ultimately, each of us must shift toward acceptance of our losses to move forward. And we can. They're gone. We must allow the many waves of pain that roll through. Absolutely allow it all. Breathe and let it move through. This is what's required to honor the radiant existence of those we've loved and lost.

With love, I sing this song to you. For her. For us. For us all…

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