The Wish to Have Been Wiser, Yet Forever Grateful

Could I really do this? Violate so many songwriting rules at once? Write two songs with identical music and melody that are so different? And so short?

I wasn't trying to be a maverick or artistic with "If I Was Wiser" and “Forever Grateful”. But it was liberating. 🎵

If I was wiser, I might have saved you
Discovered the key to heal the disease
If I was purer, could I have saved you
Would a god hear my plea to let me bear all of your pain
I would endure it gladly
But you'd never allow me to bear something so inhumane
But how was I to stand there
See you suffer each day as you just slipped away

After I wrote what I thought was “the first part of a new song,” I opened up to what comes next. I tuned in… nothing. Weirdly, even though it was so short, it felt complete. The idea that it needed more was just my mind following songwriting convention. There was nothing else to say about that. “C'est finis!” ☑️

Forever grateful
For every moment
That we shared in our lives
Being so harmonized
Forever grateful
That I have found you
So alive in my heart
Your most beautiful art

Even shorter? I don't know. Maybe I was fatigued at having written so many songs in just a few days. Maybe I wanted to get out of the hotel room and walk at the ocean there in beautiful Fuengirola in the south of Spain. Maybe it just just right. Or all of that.

The good news is that if you listen to both songs, it will only take you a total of 2 minutes, 14 seconds! 🕘

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