When Bodhi Met S̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ Simone, Book 2

August 15 - The Harmonic Convergence

Last week, I wrote how after searching for Simone for 8 months, and upon seeing her, I was knocking down old people while excitedly rushing over to where she was standing. 

Our eyes met, she took me in her arms, pulled me close, and kissed me… oh, wait…parallel universe. We greeted each other and spoke for a while, but I wasn’t really getting a sense that the door was open. Hmm… what to do. 

She introduced me to her Swiss mother who was there as well. And walked away! Fine, I’ll make lemonade! 

When her mother learned that I was a musician, she shared that she played violin with small chamber groups and that she wished she could learn to improvise like guitarists. 

Ever the fantasizing hopeful future son-in-law, I um… improvised and told her that I could easily teach her. We arranged for her to come to my apartment in North Hollywood. 

Yes, friends, my first date was with her mother. Hey, I was on a mission!

August 20 – The Fishing Expedition

Simone’s mom came over and I learned a lot about her but sadly got no nibbles on my not very subtle Simone fishing expedition. I quickly found that she couldn’t improvise, but with no fish caught, we arranged for a 2nd lesson, this time at her house. One step closer?

August 25 – Meet the Parents

Met her father, who laughed when he heard I was going to be teaching his wife to improvise. Ha! That spoke volumes. Note to self: Best not to meet the parents before a first date.

Her mom and I tried for a few hours until I surrendered: mission failure. 

No improvising. No Simone. 

At 11pm, as I was packing up to leave, her mother said, “Simone should be home shortly. Would you like to say hello?” Of course, I played it cool, yelling, “YES!” before she finished the question. 😊

Simone arrived, we hung out and talked for a few hours. Something was different. Door open. I found out that the reason for her distance was that she had been in the process of slowly exiting a challenging relationship, and though she had felt a pull in my direction, knew she needed to free herself before anything else. And had.

The 3 Week Tsunami

The next night Simone and I met for dinner. She was beautiful, sweet, kind, sensitive, aware. Girl had been reading Buddhist texts since she was 9!

The depth of our sharing, the laughter, the immediate comfort of being in silence together was so powerful. We both knew that we were riding a tsunami and there was no turning back. It just felt right.

Three weeks later, she moved into my apartment. Our apartment. She moved into my heart. Our heart. 

The beginning… ❤️

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