New Year's Eve Proposal: Act II

In ACT I, I shared the initial inspirational moment for writing, “I Want to Marry You.” 

In ACT II, I stayed up all night writing. Anytime I felt stuck, I would look over at Simone, watch her head…

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New Year's Eve Proposal: Act I

Next week brings the release of  the new single, “I Want to Marry You”! Probably the happiest, most upbeat song I've written! To help inspire you… read Act I of “The New Year's Eve Proposal”.


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A Star Birthed Whole

I was enthralled in a state of new love when I wrote “Take Me to the Star”. Feeling awed by how Simone's presence was transforming me into a better man, I sat at the piano to see if anything wanted…

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Who Played on the Album?

Thank you for streaming, and for all of the warm responses about how great the “Take Me to the Star” track sounds. Wait! Why are you so surprised??? 😁

Well, it only sounds this good thanks to the…

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This Really is a... Release!

Almost 9 years since Simone's passing and I'm happy to finally put out this album dedicated to the life we shared. Feels good. 

It is, of course, a deeply personal and meaningful album for me, but I'm pretty sure…

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The Album's Genesis

In our 27 years of living in harmony, I wrote a zillion love songs for my beloved late wife, Simone. She was easy to write for as the spark of love and adoration between us never waned. From all of… Read more