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Kind Heart Sweet Soul

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I wish I was there when you were a little girl
Protecting your heart
Making a safer world

Dearest child alive free and wild
Till buried alive in the pain
No one else would know

Not a stranger
His hands filled with danger
Creating a lifetime of shame
Little girl I know you’re in there
Come to the surface

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Look in the mirror
Find the young girl that he stole

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Bring back the fire
That burning desire of old

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Time to come up from below

You’re safe dear I’m here
Now you can laugh and sing
And as you grow up
You can do anything

You were defenseless
That man he was senseless
It wasn’t what you did at all
You can let it go

What a struggle
Tough feelings to juggle
Enough to make anyone fall
Little girl I know you’re close now
Break through the prison wall

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Look in my eyes
Rediscover the seeds of hope

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Water the flower
And bring back your power to grow

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Time to come up from below

When the sun comes up in your eyes
There’s nothing quite as bright
When your smile lights up the sky
It’s really quite a sight
What a sweet delight
Oh and now you can be free
Kind Heart
Sweet Soul

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Light up the fire that lives to inspire us all

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Shower the flower with love and you're ready to glow

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Honey fly again angel you've always been

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
Time to paint your life sparkles and rainbow light

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul
You can dance and play free to create your own way

Kind Heart
Sweet Soul

Words & Music by Bodhi Jeffreys
© 2024 Bodhi Jeffreys (ASCAP)

Lead Vocal — Bodhi Jeffreys
Acoustic Guitar — Bodhi Jeffreys
Piano — Bodhi Jeffreys
Electric Guitar — Bruce Burger (RebbeSoul)
Keyboards — Steve Carter
Bass — Darwin Johnson
Drums — MB Gordy
Background Vocals — Tehila Havaiia & Bodhi Jeffreys
Recording Engineers — Lucas Fehring, Bruce Burger & Bodhi Jeffreys
Mixing Engineer — Jeffrey Carruthers (Digital Zoo Music)
Mastering Engineer — Paul Abbott (Zen Mastering)
Produced by Bodhi Jeffreys & Bruce Burger
Art — Luiza Bonetti
Video Production — Andrey Gordon