1. If I Was Wiser

From the recording Magic Kiss

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If I Was Wiser

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If I was wiser
I might have saved you
Discovered the key
To heal the disease

If I was purer
Could I have saved you
Would a god hear my plea
To let me bear all of your pain

I would endure it gladly
But you'd never allow
me to bear something
so inhumane

But how was I to stand there
See you suffer each day
As you just slipped away

Words & Music by Bodhi Jeffreys
© 2024 Bodhi Jeffreys (ASCAP)

Lead Vocal — Bodhi Jeffreys
Acoustic Guitar — David Randle & Bodhi Jeffreys
Electric Guitar — Bruce Burger (RebbeSoul)
Piano & Keyboards — Steve Carter
Bass — Darwin Johnson
Cymbals — MB Gordy
Background Vocals — Tehila Havaiia & Bodhi Jeffreys
Recording Engineers — Lucas Fehring, Bruce Burger & Bodhi Jeffreys
Mixing Engineer — Jeffrey Carruthers (Digital Zoo Music)
Mastering Engineer — Paul Abbott (Zen Mastering)
Produced by Bodhi Jeffreys & Bruce Burger
Art — Luiza Bonetti
Video Production — Andrey Gordon