The Story of Bodhi & Simone: Book 1

December 18
It was one of those “at first sight” dealies.

I was waiting to meet with two founders of the new age movement at the Fellowship of Universal Guidance when a beautiful woman walked down the hallway. 

Couldn’t take my eyes off of her and it was like I was beyond entranced. Kind of frozen in time. She…glowed. For real! 

As she was paying for a session with a master herbalist, I snapped out of it in time to approach her before she left. 

We talked for a while. It was sweet. Exciting. I was vibrating inside. And as we looked into each other’s eyes I felt such a strong magnetic connection. 

I knew. She was the one.

I asked for her phone number, excited to explore where our path would take us. Instead of her phone number, she gave me a PO Box. A PO Box??? A PO BOX??????

I sent a few letters, and flyer after flyer for when my band was playing, but she never showed up. Jeez, exactly which way had my magnet been pointing? 😊

February 14
Plan B! The Fellowship had gatherings every Saturday night, so on February 14, I attended so I could run into her and reconnect. And how perfect that we’d come back together on Valentines Day! Of course, she would have to SHOW UP for that picture book story. But nooooooooooooooooo!

Well, I couldn’t think of any other non-creepy options (like staking out the PO Box,) so I refused to book any shows for the band on Saturday nights and began attending those gatherings every Saturday night in hope that she would show up. She'd have to, right? 

Gorgeous actresses and soap opera stars would be there… but not Simone. They didn't glow. 

But I was committed to the mission and attended every damn Saturday for six months. 😯

August 15 - The Harmonic Convergence
There was a huge celebration at the Fellowship and I was hoping for a Harmonic Convergence of my own! 🥰 

She was already there when I arrived. I was truly elated. Finally!!! 

So I very nonchalantly jumped over chairs and knocked down some old people (sorry Edgar, Willow, Nancy, Ronald, Ellie, Tom, Dick, Harry) as I rushed over. What??? They were like bowling pins! 😂

To be continued next week! For now, check out the new “I Want to Marry You” animated music video!!! 

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