Tales of a life in music

It's a Wrap, So What's Next???

Over these last 4 months, I've shared what I felt was most important to share about the Magic Kiss album. And while I've been sharing about our lives and love, it's been a long time. I grieved and moved on…

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I Won the Lottery!!! 🥰

Previously, on Bodhiflix: She took me to the stars, had a kind heart and sweet soul, I proposed early on and we married (12 years later 😁). 

We found out that my magic kiss wasn't all that and it drove…

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Alive Inside Me Now 🎤

So if you see me walking down the street with a ghost at my side, and it doesn't appear that I'm noticing…

Many of you know that I have certain gifts of being able to tune in to people, living…

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Finding Freedom by Allowing Pain 🎶

Releasing music in 2024 is soooooo different now. Back in the day, your analytics were "albums sold." Well, that and how many CDs you have left in your garage. 💽

Today, I can not only see that “I Want to…

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So Much Gratitude for These Artists! 🎵

Fuh-finally! With the “Magic Kiss” album's release (which you REALLY want to listen to straight through,) I'd like to thank the many great artists who lent their creative talent to the project. A brief thanks here, then more in later…

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What's an Album???

Next week, the full “Magic Kiss” album drops. Finally! And I know what you’re thinking: “I better pre-save that puppy right now!!!” Happy to help. Here’s a link: https://found.ee/magic-kiss

I’ll write this now and remind you…

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10,150 days of Love and Joy

I know that a part of why Simone ultimately let go of her grip on life was her love for me. Her devotion. She wanted to free me from taking care of her, from putting my life on hold, putting…

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The Power of Love

Starting with “Magic Kiss”, the last 6 songs on the album were written over 4 days whilst locked in a hotel room in Fuengirola (the south coast of Spain). Overlooking the Alboran Sea, I wrote all day and…

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When Bodhi Met S̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ Simone, Book 2

August 15 - The Harmonic Convergence

Last week, I wrote how after searching for Simone for 8 months, and upon seeing her, I was knocking down old people while excitedly rushing over to where she was standing. 

Our eyes met,

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The Story of Bodhi & Simone: Book 1

December 18
It was one of those “at first sight” dealies.

I was waiting to meet with two founders of the new age movement at the Fellowship of Universal Guidance when a beautiful woman walked down the hallway. 

Couldn’t take…

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But We Had Vowed Never to Marry!

Shite! This was quite a bind we had gotten ourselves into. I wrote “I Want to Marry You”, and Simone didn't say “No!”, but…but…but… we had each vowed earlier in our lives to never get married because of the trauma…

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