Alive Inside Me Now 🎤

So if you see me walking down the street with a ghost at my side, and it doesn't appear that I'm noticing…

Many of you know that I have certain gifts of being able to tune in to people, living or not. Sometimes. It's not a science, it's more of a facility or capacity, and I had decades of training to hone the gift. (It's only ever done with permission and intended to be in “right action.”) 


I wondered (hoped) if I'd be able to communicate with Simone after her transition. Really communicate. As if she was there with me. So after she died, I tuned in. Silence. Listened. Silence. Nothing. Nada. Do not pass go.

I'm sure that “trying” got in the way, and my “attachment” to her just flat out showing up as a ghost like in the movie, “Ghost” or “Topper” or “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” didn't help either. Hey, all I wanted was a visible ghost to hang out with! That's not unreasonable, is it??? 

A few months in, I began to feel her more. Sense her. Unlike the dramatic mystical experiences I'd had in this area with other beings, communing with Simone was far more subtle. I could feel her presence. Hear her wisdom within me. That birthed the song's chorus…

Dear I feel you alive inside me now
I can feel your presence
I feel you alive inside me
And waves of love from your eyes
Are healing me day by day

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She and I were so bonded that it's hard to discern, even today, if I'm sensing her Essence or soul, or whether we were so woven into “One” that she's just truly alive inside of me. It matters not. Either way, she's here.

But I sure did try to convince her to come back to play! “Hey, do the Ruth Montgomery thing, become a walk-in!!!" This shows up in the song's bridge:

I often wonder if you're coming back
Can't imagine that you'd go for that
Or maybe we could have some tea perhaps
Oh allow a guy a fantasy
You've always been my melody

Oh! One last thing. If you see me walking down the street with Simone's ghost at my side, and it appears that I don't see her, let's just say that her preference was for me to move on, create an incredible next phase of life, with her blessing. 


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