But We Had Vowed Never to Marry!

Shite! This was quite a bind we had gotten ourselves into. I wrote “I Want to Marry You”, and Simone didn't say “No!”, but…but…but… we had each vowed earlier in our lives to never get married because of the trauma of seeing our parents' terribly painful, broken marriages.

So with our absolute commitment to each other, we were comfortable just being engaged. And we felt our bond couldn't get any deeper anyway, just because of some marriage certificate. 

A decade later, I came home one day and at some point Simone said, “Oh! By the way, we're getting married.” I laughed, looking at her strangely. She smiled, made her eyes go big, and nodded her head up and down. I asked, “What??? What do you mean? We're the ‘we don’t get married' people!” (Okay, it's possible I may have sounded like a scared, whiny dog.)

She said that she saw us getting married, so she sent a note to Eckhart (Tolle) asking if he would do the ceremony. I shook my head and said “He's way too busy at this point. You crazy, girl!” 

Brief backstory: Simone had dialogued with Eckhart and many other renowned spiritual teachers for her Conscious Activism project, and we'd spent time with Eckhart. And he encouraged me to start doing the “Practicing Presence” groups I led for years. So my doubt didn't really hold that much water. But still…!

Kim (Eckhart's partner) called the next day and told Simone that Eckhart would love to do the ceremony and that they'd be in Los Angeles in a few weeks for an event. Gulp. 

The ceremony was beautiful. Intimate. Mystical and magical. Warm. Powerful. Otherworldly.

On the way home to Encinitas, we stopped at the ocean to watch the sunset. And we noticed something very surprising. “We” had changed. Some type of deeper, purer connection was there. We couldn't name or identify it. It simply…was. Any boundary we had held in place to protect ourselves had been dissolved away.

That feeling of being “one” endured, never waning. Such a rare and precious gift. 

And I got the chance to live out the song's bridge: “Will you let me dedicate my life, to shower you with light. I will be the best I can, and try to understand, how to be a man, worthy of your hand…”

I am, forever grateful.